The Path to Mindfulness Part 1: Mindful Awareness

Mindfulness to the Rescue: A Common Scenario

  • Option 1: Give into the feelings
  • Option 2: Recognize the feelings for what they are, deal with them rationally, and keep your blouse intact

Mindfulness 101

Step 1: Learn to be mindful of an object

  • Find any object, such as a paperweight from your office, and start by just looking at it. Allow yourself to observe the object, noticing its curves, any hard edges, and blemishes or scratches. Explore the color of the object, and how or if it changes when light hits it.
  • Touch the object. Notice the surface texture, whether it is rough or smooth, and whether it is consistent throughout. Does the object have a hot or cold temperature? Try picking the object up and weighing it in your palm.
  • Depending on the object and where you are, you may want to smell the object. Leather, wood, plants, food, clothing, and myriad everyday objects have a scent all their own. The goal is just to find as many ways as you can to notice and focus your senses on this object.

Step 2: Learn how to put your awareness into words

Mindfulness Facilitates Connections and Options

Keep practicing



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Dr. Chloe Carmichael

Dr. Chloe Carmichael


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